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Stage Monitors
Fullrange Speakers


Agape Audio Systems manufactures and sells a complete line of  professional loudspeakers for use in sound contracting, concert and touring sound reinforcement. Unlike many other manufactures we actually test every design in real life situations before we sell the finished product. This assures that each loudspeaker we sell is ready to use and will withstand the rigors of every day use. 

Stage Monitors

We manufacture a variety of stage monitors from small 8" coaxial vocal wedges to heavy duty drum fill monitors. 


Low Frequency Enclosures

Most of our low frequency enclosures are based on a design we call Lateral Wave Compression. This technique offers higher impact, less excursion, and smaller enclosure size when compared to conventional "front loaded" boxes. 


Full range enclosures

Our full range enclosures are designed while maintaining excellent vocal and instrument clarity in a variety of sound reinforcement situations. 



                   Last modified 03/09/2008